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ETHOS GPS Map Widget & Hobby4life GPS Map Widget

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Preselect map size

Select map type

Enter map image size manually and press Update

Dont know the widget size? use my Zonesize script

Map Width: px
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Max image size w:800 x h:480px

Scroll/drag to a position on the map
Double click to center map at cursor position

Center of the map will be used. Map view gives indication of view in ETHOS.

Map Center Coordinates

Coordinates at Mousepoint position

Decimal Latitude: Decimal Latitude:
Decimal Longitude: Decimal Longitude:
Current Zoomlevel: DMS Latitude:
Map Type: DMS Longitude:

Generate & Download
Map image + Ethos coordinates

You can directly name your map file. Max 10 characters are allowed

Map name: .bmp

This part is only for Hobby4life GPS Map widget

Select map file id

Download will start automaticly after generating the map